Winter Wellness Inspiration from Ashleigh D Hair Salon

Global Wellness Day celebrated on 8 June 2024 has motivated us to self-reflect and ask an essential question, “How well is it with my soul?”

1.    How often do we pause or stop to check-in and get in touch with our own feelings and needs?

2.    Do we make the time to contemplate our dreams and hopes for the future?

3.    Are we fully present, embracing the current moments of each day


We are Utterly Inspired by the 2024 Global Wellness Day Theme, #MagentaNature

It is an invitation to reconnect with nature and be on a continual journey to relish the harmonising benefits of taking the time to purposefully BE in our surrounding natural environment.


It is in nature that we release the cares that weigh us down and surrender it. It is the close and open connection to nature that impresses our hearts to improve our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


At Ashleigh D Hair Salon, we care about each other, i.e., our clients, team and community. Our holistic health status is important to us and the world we live in.

How do we Transform this Philosophy into Reality?

Let’s get practical. We cannot go from brunette to blonde in one day.

But maybe we can humour ourselves with what Coco Channel famously said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” and knows the power of a good haircut.


How can we make our well-being a tangible and consistent part of our lives, where we know the power of nature?

In relating to the #MagentaNature philosophy, we would like to share some real and practical ideas to connect with nature:


 Eat Natural: Make wholesome natural foods that nourish your body a part of your meal planning. Think rich in nutrients, colours and natural flavours.

o   Eat without watching TV or looking at your phone

o   Mindfully engage with your food and appreciate it

o   Stay hydrated with water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices


Get some hearty supply from local gems on the Dolphin Coast Ballito area like  Home Grown Fresh Whole Foods store and the Ballito Farmers Market.



Be in Nature: Step into Kwa-Zulu Natal’s North Coast kingdom of nature and beauty.

o   Enjoy a tranquil walk or run on the beach or promenade

o   Indulge in the Holla Trails and local Rain Farm game reserve

o   Go outside and let the sun say hello to your skin and warm your body with natural Vitamin D

o   Sit in your garden, breathe, pause and enjoy a cup of tea

o   Stretch your body


Protect Nature: Support projects and businesses who are custodians of environmentally conscious endeavours. 

o   Enjoy a magical snorkelling experience with Tidal Tao and learn about their Conservation Projects


Be the Nature (Spiritual): Dive into  your own spiritual practice that can foster a deeper connection with nature.

o   Practice meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, or moments of stillness

o   Engage in prayer or contemplation, fostering a connection with God


Becoming Part of Bigger Picture in Global Wellness.

We feel invigorated and inspired to reset and refresh our salon activities and mindset.

We are using these Winter Months to plan and launch some integral happenings and undertakings to contribute to eating naturally, being in nature, protecting it, and to be the nature.

We are getting prepared to kick-start in Spring 2024 with:

o   Last weekend of the month Healthy Eat & Drink Bar Collab

o   Our Brand Partner Davines is all about sustainability in the hair and beauty industry. This has spurred us to excitedly work on creating a Refresh, Reuse and Recycle Project for our salon and clients


We are embarking on this wellness journey with each other. One step at a time, one activity at a time for a consistent healthier us. 

#globalwellnessday and #MagentaNature 

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Come Zen with us at our salon.

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